WHEN: 18-19 October 2018
WHERE: Hamburg, Germany

Intermodal freight transport takes advantage of different modes, such as convenience, speed, cost, reliability, and predictability. Thus, it can offer more efficient transport solutions, driven on by the growing trend towards digitalization. On the other hand, intermodality is a key factor to keeping emissions to a level ensuring global warming is below 2ºC.

The forthcoming event – Intermodal Freight Transport: Innovations and Relevant Solutions Summit – will be devoted mostly to transportation, logistics, and supply chain management, becoming a platform for establishing new contacts to enhance business for all stakeholders from different countries. It will cover key industries as well as all modes of transportation including sea, road, rail, air, and inland waterways.

AEOLIX will be presented at this event by our project coordinator Lina Konstantinopoulou, ERTICO – ITS Europe.


More information is available here.