Portugal has become the 23rd country to accept e-CMR (electronic freight consignment note). Paper CMR is the most used transport consignment note in Europe and Eurasia. e-CMR has been one of the key services in ERTICO-lead AEOLIX (piloted in Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Romania and Serbia) in Living Lab 12. It will also be further deployed throughout Europe through FENIX project.

The new ERTICO Academy offers training on digital freight which includes e-CMR. The ERTICO Academy is an ad hoc knowledge base training programme to support and foster sustainable deployment of ITS and C-ITS across Europe among Public Authority officials across Europe. From January 2020, the ERTICO Academy will offer a wide choice of trainings to Public Authorities focused on a variety of topics, ranging from the benefits of ITS, C-ITS deployment (challenges including large scale deployment and gaps), MaaS, 5G/ IoT, access to EU funding and programmes (H2020, CEF, Erasmus+).